Annex to the Supervisory Order dated August 4, 2006 being a list of Entity laws that will be taken over as laws of Brcko District and will be implemented by District institutions with effect from the date of this Supervisory Order

1. Law on Production and Sale of Medicines (RS Official Gazette, 19/01): Chapters VIII and IX – Department for Public Safety; all other chapters – Department for Healthcare and Other Services

2. Law on Power Inspection (RS Official Gazette, 12/93) – Department for Public Safety

3. Law on Labor Inspection  (RS Official Gazette, 8/97) – Department for Public Safety

4. Law on Market Inspection (FBIH Official Gazette, 2/95) – Department for Public Safety

5. Law on Sanitary Inspection (RS Official Gazette, 14/94) – Department for Public Safety

6. Law on Measures for Improving Cattle Breeding (RS Official Gazette, 10/98) – Department of Agriculture

7. Law on Protection of Population Against Contagious Diseases (RS Official Gazette, 10/95) – Department of Health

8. Law on Waters (RS Official Gazette, 10/98) – Department of Agriculture

9.  Law on Forests (Tuzla Canton Official Gazette, 10/99) Department of Agriculture

10. Law on Hunting (RS Official Gazette, 13/94) – Department of Agriculture

11. Law on Foreign Currency Transactions (FBIH Official Gazette 36/98) – All relevant government departments

12. Law on Trade of Explosive Materials and Liquids (RS Official Gazette, 16/96) – Department of Public Safety

13. Law on Property Tax (RS Official Gazette, 38/03) – District Revenue Agency and Tax Administration

Extra items may be added to this Annex by subsequent ancillary order of the Supervisor while Supervision remains in force, but no extra items may be added by any means after Supervision has terminated in Brcko District.

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The International Community believes that the Brcko authorities have the institutional capacity to serve the people of the District and to address the challenges which residents face.