Order on Participation in Chiefs of Police Meetings

As the Supervisor for Brcko, I herein issue the following Order in accordance with my authority under the Award on the Interim International Supervision in the Brcko Area:

Section VII. I. B. (3) of the Award stipulates that the Supervisor should co-ordinate with IPTF to provide services with the objective “to ensure that the relevant authorities will undertake normal democratic policing functions and services for the protection of all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina within the relevant area.”

Since April 10, the Republika Srpska police have refused consistently to attend the weekly joint local chiefs of police meeting in Brcko, which is organized and chaired by IPTF. This meeting is designed to be the forum in which policing problems are resolved by the three local police forces. As a result of RS non-attendance, there is no co-operation between the local police forces and many issues which require such co-operation remain unaddressed.

Section VII.I.B.(1) of the Arbitral Award stipulates that “all relevant authorities, including courts and police personnel shall obey and enforce all Supervisory regulations and orders.”

Therefore, from this date, attendance at the weekly Brcko joint local chiefs of police meeting is obligatory. Further, the representatives attending this meeting must be in a position and of a seniority to make decisions at the meetings. Each instance of non-attendance by the Brcko RS police at this weekly series of meetings will be treated as a separate case of non-compliance under the Arbitral Award.

Robert W. Farrand
Supervisor for Brcko

Posted in Supervisory orders


The International Community believes that the Brcko authorities have the institutional capacity to serve the people of the District and to address the challenges which residents face.