Supervisory Order On The Appointment Of Milan Tomic And Halil Ljuca To The Positions Of Councilors Of The Interim Assembly Of Brcko District Of BiH

In accordance with thepowers vested in me in paragraph 37 of Brcko Final Arbitral Award of March 5, 1999, and paragraph 2 of the Annex of August 18, 1999;

As a result of the vacancies created in the Assembly following the appointments of Councilors Branko Damjanac and Ahmet Dervisevic to the positions of the Mayor and Head of Department of Public Safety of the Brcko District by the Supervisory Orders of December 3, and November 18, 2003, respectively;

With the aim to restore the Interim Assembly of Brcko District to its full composition and ensure the continuity and legality of its work;

Following theconsultations with the political parties on the candidates they have recommended for the vacant positions of the Interim Assembly Councilors;

I hereby order that:

  1. Milan Tomic and Halil Ljuca are appointed to the positions of the Interim Assembly Councilors, to serve until elections are held for the District Assembly.
  2. Milan Tomic and Halil Ljuca are mandated to take up their appointments and carry out their duties in accordance with the Statute and the laws of the Brcko District.

This order shall have immediate effect and shall be published in the Brcko District Official Gazette.


Gerhard Sontheim

Acting Supervisor of Brcko District

Office of High Representative

Posted in Supervisory orders


The International Community believes that the Brcko authorities have the institutional capacity to serve the people of the District and to address the challenges which residents face.