Supervisory Order on the Financial System of the Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina

In accordance with paragraphs 10, 39, and 43 of the Brcko Final Arbitral Award of March 5, 1999; paragraph 8 of the Annex of August 18, 1999; in furtherance of paragraph 42 of the Statute of the Brcko District and in consultation with the High Representative, I hereby issue the following Order regarding the obligations of the Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska concerning transfer of authority, responsibility and control over the payment bureaus located within the Brcko District.

  1. In accordance with my letter of instruction of March 16 to the payment bureaus located within the Brcko District, the Brcko District Revenue Agency controls, operates, manages, and exercises authority over the payment bureaus and all transactions regarding the payment bureaus taking place within and on behalf of the Brcko District. All employees of the payment bureaus became employees of the Brcko District on March 16, 2000.
  2. As of March 16, 2000, the Brcko District is authorized to retain, for the purpose of financing its operations, all tax receipts, fees, fines, contributions, as well as electricity, water and other charges collected in the Brcko District. These funds shall be allocated and expended according to the Statute of the Brcko District and the Brcko District budget.
  3. Taxes, fees, fines, contributions, and charges that are collected as revenues for the Brcko District, by the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina or the Republika Srpska since March 16, 2000, shall be transferred to the Brcko District’s account in the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  4. Absent agreement with the Entities regarding specific obligations, the District assumes no responsibility for any debts incurred prior to the date of establishment of the District.

This Order shall have immediate effect.

Robert W. Farrand
Deputy High Representative
Supervisor of Brcko

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The International Community believes that the Brcko authorities have the institutional capacity to serve the people of the District and to address the challenges which residents face.