Order on Return Procedures to Brcko

As the Supervisor for Brcko, I herein issue the following Order in accordance with my authority under the Award on the Interim International Supervision in the Brcko Area:

VII. I. B. (4) of the Award stipulates that, “The Supervisor should establish a program to govern the phased and orderly return of former residents of the relevant area to their homes of origin.” The Procedures for the Return to Brcko and the Returns Commission established by my office ensure that the returns process is peaceful, phased and orderly at the planning level.

This order is issued in reference to paragraph 14 of the Procedures for Return to Brcko, issued on April 24, 1997.

Representatives of approved returnees are obliged to contribute to a peaceful, phased and orderly return process. To ensure this, once return has been cleared in accordance with the Procedure for Return to Brcko, the mayors of Rahic and Ravne-Brcko must, in writing, announce intended group returns to the Return Commission, at least a week in advance.

All returnees are required to go to a specified location on their day of return to receive the OHR plastic cover and laminated insert. This location will be communicated to the relevant municipal authorities in advance by my office. All who have been approved to return, whether by the International Housing Commission or by the Returns Commission, must accept the OHR plastic cover and laminated insert. Those returnees must insert their own ID cards into the OHR plastic cover. These ID cards must remain in the OHR plastic cover at all times.

Residents who earlier returned under the International Housing Commission procedures will be instructed by the Returns Commission on where and when they must register to receive the OHR plastic cover and laminated insert.

When the RS authorities agree to issue the RS ID card on the day of and in the village of return, all returnees, including those who accepted the OHR plastic cover and laminated insert, will be obliged to accept this RS document in accordance with paragraph 7 of the Procedure for Return to Brcko and my Order of August 12 on Identity Cards for Returnees to Brcko.

Robert W. Farrand
Supervisor for Brcko
Brcko, August 12, 1997

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The International Community believes that the Brcko authorities have the institutional capacity to serve the people of the District and to address the challenges which residents face.